My family sessions are around 90 minutes long. We can be at my studio, at a park, at your home or any other place that holds a special meaning to you and your family. The final images may be more formal or more fun depending on your family and how you want to have your special bond captured. I offer consultation on wardrobe and locations as well as possible themes or activities for your session.

For your family portrait I want to capture the love and joy that you have for each other in a way that shows who you really are as a family. This session is meant to be fun and memorable so that when you look back in 20 years at your portraits you feel the laughter of your kids as you tickled them sitting on your favorite bench in your favorite park.


A Senior Portrait should reflect your interests, passions and personality. From clothing choice to locations, each small detail shows a little bit more of who you are at this tipping point of your life. Sessions can be simple with one outfit and a few backgrounds. Sessions can also be more...more outfits, more locations, more backdrops, more props. I like to customize each session to that each Senior has an experience that will celebrate their unique talents and gifts. I always encourage each family to join in on the session ether at the very beginning or at the very end to get one great family portrait. These portraits keep a lasting memory of that breath of a moment between high school and adulthood.

Senior Sessions are 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on the location and outfit choices. An ordering session is scheduled for 2 weeks after the session to reveal all of your final images and choose which you would like printed on your walls.


Personal Branding and Beauty Portraits are a special favorite of mine. These sessions are a celebration of you!  The sessions often happen in studio and average 3 hours start to finish. Professional hair and makeup is done on site. You put on gorgeous dresses and beautiful outfits. We capture some amazing portraits of your gorgeous face. Then at the end of the day you look like a super model and can spend a wonderful evening out enjoying yourself with your partner or friends.  In about two weeks you will come back in studio to choose your favorite images to hang on your wall. I will ask you if you want your family to join us at the end of your session so that we can capture some classic images of you with the people that you love the most. 


Professional Headshots are a very short version of the Personal Branding and Beauty Portraits. This session is generally under 30 minutes. During your phone or in person consultation we will discuss what sort of look you want as an end result as well as what sort of clothing or accessories we need to reach that result.  The final images will be delivered to you via online gallery within one week of your session.

My studio proudly creates professional archival prints and albums so that your photographs will be here for generations. These images are pieces of your history. They are special, created with care and love, given to you to carry on through your family from your children to your children's children. I want you to see the smiles of your favorite people on your wall every single day. I want you to be reminded of your beauty. I want you to walk by that gorgeous canvas and remember the joy of childhood or the pride you felt as you look out over the infinite possibilities of your life.

A commitment to another person is a big deal! When you go to a Christian wedding you might hear the officiant say that marriage is a mystery and a sacrament. For two people to find each other a million tiny things have to line up just perfectly, it is a mystery sometimes how well this happens!  A wedding is also the start of a new family. Two people walk into a space separate and leave together as one. They promise to pick their partner over all others. I feel that this promise is sacred. It is awe inspiring and should be captured with love. It is a privilege, an honor and a blessing be able to capture to very moment you started your family.