Meet Your Photographer    

I grew up around photography and I feel like it has been in my bones from when I was a very small child. My father was a wedding photographer and I started as his assistant in 1996 when I was 16 years old. When he retired, I started my own company photographing weddings and in 2006, I began focusing on child and family photography after having my own daughters. Even as a 16 year old, I always tried to photograph people as the best version of themselves, and that focus on capturing real moments is still something that drives me today. I take time to get to know my clients so that they will trust me and let their guard down in front of my camera. People sometimes try to give their “pretty face” for a photograph, but the truly beautiful pictures are those when the subject is being honest, confident, open and authentic.

In a session or wedding, my approach is two-sided: I like to get a classic, more formal photograph, the image that will be carried on into the future through the family history books. While this image can be somewhat posed, I still try to capture movement and the subject’s sense of self. After that image is captured, the fun begins. I invite my clients to cut loose and give me a range of expressions because more than simply a smile, it’s the small moments of emotion that show our soul. For children especially, that is what you’re likely to forget when they’re older - without a photo, you don’t remember exactly how your daughter looked blowing raspberries or the joy in your son’s eyes when he sees his favorite toy truck.

I love preserving moments that are fleeting: a couple on their wedding day, the way a family interacts together, the look on a child’s face while playing peekaboo. These moments won’t be the same tomorrow, but a photograph preserves them forever. As a photographer, I know that an image has the ability to transform the way someone views himself or herself. It can be a powerful experience to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. For me, people are beautiful, glittering, magnificent souls. To be able to truly capture who my clients are at a particular moment of their lives is the best part of my job. To be witness to the making of a new family is an honor and a blessing. To be able to capture love one image at a time is a dream come true.

Love, Vesna Zdravkoski